Terms and Conditions


Halfway through your course you will be sent a re-booking newsletter via email (post if you don't have an email address).

Your newsletter will include your invoice for the following term. You must pay for your child's place by the date stated on the invoice, failure to make payment by the deadline will end in your child's place being lost. There is a re-booking window of up to 2 weeks during which time you will have the opportunity to change the course or day and make payment for the new term or cancel your place for next term.

Your class time will always follow the same date and time unless your child is ready to move to the next stage (your teacher will approach you about this) or there isn't enough children in your child's class to continue in which case we will contact you to offer an alternative class.

Your newsletter will include your invoice for the following term. You must pay for your child's place by the date stated on the invoice, failure to make payment by the deadline will end in your child's place being lost. Payment can be made in the following ways:
You will receive confirmation of your new term before the start of the new term.


Payments can be made in the following ways:

PayPal: - Bank Transfer: Sort Code: 30-90-09 Account Number: 29959568

PayPal: Payment to be transferred to:admin@tadpoletots.co.uk

Card: Please contact the office 01420 481239 (Visa or Mastercard)

Cancelled Classes

In the event that your lesson may be cancelled we will endeavor to contact you at the earliest opportunity by text message (or a phone call for those messages that haven’t been delivered), it is your responsibility to ensure we have your correct contact information.

In the event of your lesson having to be cancelled, we will endeavor to contact you at the earliest opportunity by text message (or a phone call for those messages that haven’t been delivered). We will also follow up with an email, where possible. It is your responsibility to ensure we have your correct contact information.

Catch up classes (a catch up class is a lesson offered after a lesson has been cancelled on our behalf) will be offered once arranged.

If you are unable to attend an alternative session or if we are unable to offer a catch up class, we will issue you with a refund.

Should you book onto a catch up class and fail to attend, you will not be offered an alternative class and you will not be eligible for a refund.

Any refunds will be issued after the last day of term.


Once you have paid for your term if you decide to cancel your course over 7 days in advance of the start date, we will issue you full refund

If you choose to cancel 7 days or less of your start date no refund will be issued.

Missed Lessons

Tadpole Tots does not offer catch up classes for missed lessons they have not been notified about in advance. Please see our ‘Class Swaps’ policy.

Tadpole Tots are one of the few swim schools to offer class swaps. We want your little one to be in the pool as much as possible and we will do our best, providing that you follow our guidelines, to find an alternative class of a similar level to swap your lesson too (please note there is no guarantee as we may not have availability in a suitable class, day or time that suits you and your child).

Class Swaps

Term of Class Swaps:

Our policy allows you to swap onto an alternative lesson in the event of you not being able to attend one of your scheduled classes, on the basis of your request adhering to our terms and conditions. Little one’s being ill is an understandably common reason for swaps requests; whilst we appreciate that you cannot plan for illness, 24 hours’ notice is the minimum we can accept, as we need to make your class space available in order for the process to be viable.

Conditions of Class Swaps:

- For terms consisting of 8 lessons or less, you will have a maximum of 2 swaps per term.

- For terms consisting of 9 lessons or more, you will have a maximum of 3 swaps per term.

- Requests should be made via email to admin@tadpoletots.co.uk

- The office must be notified a minimum of 24hrs before your scheduled class. If the office is closed, we must have received an email or voicemail in order for us to honour the swap.

- Your preferred alternative lesson must be booked in and confirmed to you before your missed lesson.

- We cannot guarantee that your class swap will be at your usual pool.

- If you miss an arranged class swap, we will not be able to offer you an alternative lesson.

- All swaps must take place within the same term; swaps cannot be carried over from term to term.

- Class swaps will open just before the start of each term.

Please remember that you have committed to your booked class time. Swaps are an added bonus that are not guaranteed and hold no financial value. Should the options offered not be suitable for you, we will not be able to schedule any further alternatives.

Health and Saftey At Our Pools

Beginners, Tadpoles and Frogs:
- our Beginners, Tadpoles and Little and Big Frogs must wear a Splash About Happy Nappy as well as an underneath disposable nappy or liner. Under no exceptions will a baby or toddler be able to swim without wearing a Happy Nappy. These can be ordered through us and delivered ALL to your class. You will be refused entry to the pool if your child is not wearing a Happy Nappy.
- All babies must be changed on the floor using a suitable changing mat
- Provided your little one is fully toilet trained little ones swimming in our Toads classes are not required to wear a Happy Nappy.

You are responsible for anyone viewing your lesson that comes with you, please make sure that they adhere to our rules.
Children are allowed to come and watch but if poolside must remain seated for the duration of the lesson. However at certain pools they must have another adult that isn't inside the water supervising them. As it may not be safe (i.e. -to close to the water's edge to be left.) Please ask the office if you would like to know the specific rules for the pool you swim at. You will be responsible for the child whilst being in the pool.

Please remove all outer footwear when entering changing rooms and pool side. (Blue overshoes may be worn if offered.)
We ask that you do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your lesson (this is enough time to get ready for your lesson) and do not take more than 15 minutes getting changed. This will keep numbers down in the changing room and make the change around of classes run as smoothly as possible.
When waiting for your lesson to start we ask that you keep noise to a minimum so as not to disturb the active lesson.

You must not enter the water until you are invited to do so by a member of the team.
At no time should any babies or children be left on poolside, in the changing rooms or on the premises without your supervision.
At no time should any adults, children or babies run in the changing rooms or on poolside. This includes babies crawling, as the floor maybe wet and they could slip easily.

Please shower both you and your baby before your lesson where possible. Wash all body lotions; perfumes etc. off before entering the pool as this can affect the water quality.
There must be no food or drink (other than water) to be consumed whilst on any of our premises.
Babies and toddlers must be fed at least an hour before their swimming lesson.

If either the carer or child has any known medical conditions prior to the beginning of your class, please let the office know when you are booking your course. If either of you develop a condition after the course has commenced please inform the office before you attend your next lesson.

It is not wise to bring your little one swimming if they are suffering with anything more than a mild cold. Please consider the other little ones in your class as well as your own.
Please do not bring your child swimming if they have any of the following: ear infection, chicken pox, diarrhea, impetigo, chest infection, conjunctivas or a severe cold.
You must leave it 48 hours before entering the pool if you or your child has had any sickness or diarrhea.

We do allow photographs to be taken of your child during their swimming lessons at your teacher's discretion. Please be sensitive to others in your class and make sure that you only take pictures of your child.
Under no circumstances will we allow any underwater cameras and pictures to be taken during our lessons.

We ask that you remove all jewelry when in the pool (except a wedding band) and we strongly advise children do not wear any jewelry in the lessons. Children will not be allowed to enter the pool with Amber beads around their neck, or wrists. These rules are for the safety of both you and your child.
Any property left in the changing rooms, on poolside, in the entrance, corridors or outside (including prams) are your responsibility and left at your risk. Tadpole Tots except no responsibility for items lost or damaged.

By agreeing to a course with Tadpole Tot’s you agree to the terms and conditions laid out above