Tadpole Beginners/b1

At The Holiday Inn Guildford

Our Tadpole Beginner and B1 classes are for 10 week old or older babies who have had little or no experience of being in the pool. The NHS state baby doesn't need their immunisations to start swimming at an early age, so you can start their journey nice and early!

  The classes are a great introduction for you and baby in the water, in a relaxed and inviting environment.



An introduction to the pool, enabling magical bonding time between baby and parent.

Our babies will be taught our important verbal cues that will be utilised throughout our class levels. They also serve as the basis from which many later skills are developed from.

What to expect

Weekly opportunities for your baby to enjoy the freedom of movement and buoyancy that the water offers.

Our babies will begin learning to float on their backs.

They will also begin to learn our practiced water safety techniques.

Winter Timetable


Monday's    11am  19th Nov - 21st Jan (excluding 24th and 31st Dec)    8 Weeks only £104

Tuesday's    10.30am 20th Nov - 22nd Jan (excluding 25th Dec and 1st Jan)    8 Weeks only £104

Wednesday's    11.30am 21st Nov - 23rd Jan (excluding 26th Dec and 2nd Jan)    8 Weeks only £104

Thursday's    10.30am 22nd Nov - 24th Jan (excluding 27th Dec and 3rd Jan)    8 Weeks only £104

January Timetable


Monday's    11am  28th Jan - 25th March (excluding 18th Feb)    8 Weeks only £104

Tuesday's    TBC 29th Jan - 26th March (excluding 19th Feb)    8 Weeks only £104

Wednesday's    11.30am 30th Jan - 27th March (excluding 20th Feb)    8 Weeks only £104

Thursday's    TBC 31st Jan - 28th March (excluding 21st Feb)    8 Weeks only £104

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Save 20% from your first course fees when you book on with one or more friend.

Please state discuss this when booking on your course at our Guildford pool. 


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